The Power of Multiple Weight Loss Supplements in a Single Pill!

Most products focus on just one aspect of weight loss. Fighting fat is a difficult battle, and you need to attack it from as many angles as possible to get the results you want.

Phenphedrine contains 6 potent ingredients designed to boost metabolism, increase energy, enhance thermogenesis and curb hunger.

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The Science Behind Phenphedrine's Advanced Weight Loss Formula

Chromax® - This patented weight loss ingredient is a form of chromium picolinate with superior absorption and stable chemical structure. The use of picolinic acid to make chromium more available for the body has been suggested by several clinical trials. In a clinical research, it has been reported that those who took Chromax decreased their food intake and had lower average hunger ratings compared to the placebo condition.

Chromium picolinate can decrease insulin resistance which can lead to accelerated reduction of fat deposition and improved body composition since body fat seems to be regulated to some extent by insulin.

Body Weight
Placebo = -0.3086472 +/- 5.864296 lbs
200 microgram = -2.380992 +/- 7.539809 lbs
400 microgram = -3.08647 +/- 6.459544 lbs
200 and 400 combined = -2.777825 +/- 6.635914 lbs

Percent Body Fat
Placebo = -0.661387 +/- 4.62971 lbs
200 microgram = -3.08647 +/- 4.85017 lbs
400 microgram = -4.18878 +/- 5.73202 lbs
200 and 400 combined = -3.74786 +/- 5.51156 lbs

Fat Weight
Placebo = -0.396832 +/- 5.754065 lbs
200 microgram = -3.571489 +/- 6.459544 lbs
400 microgram = -4.563569 +/- 5.95248 lbs
200 and 400 combined = -4.166737 +/- 6.062712 lbs

Green Tea 50% EGCG - Green Tea is known as a potent antioxidant due its high concentration of polyphenols. Our green tea is standardized to 50% Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a polyphenol that promotes fat loss by increasing energy expenditure. By boosting your metabolism, green tea can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Caffeine Anhydrous - When Coca-Cola first came out it actually contained Cocaine (true fact), and when cocaine was made illegal after World War I they scrambled to find an alternative to that would stimulate the mind and body and have similar effects. The ingredient they found was caffeine. But we didn't just use any old caffeine as our alternative to cocaine. Caffeine helps optimize energy, stimulate thermogenesis, and promote mental focus.1,2.

Thermodiamine (Evodiamine 98%) - Thermodiamine is a quinozole alkaloid isolated from the unripe fruit of Evodia Rutaecarpa. Through thermogenic pathways, Thermoidiamine may support a reduction in body fat, without the common side effects of similar ingredients.

Recent research reveals evodiamine has elicited a hunger suppressing effect, that may have been caused by the reduction in neuropeptide Y (NPY), a hypothalamic peptide that regulates hunger.

Teacrine® - TeaCrine® is a patent-pending compound containing pure theacrine, which can be found in natural sources such as the Camellia assamica var.kucha tealeaf, coffee and certain exotic fruits. A nature-identical compound, TeaCrine® delivers energy, mental clarity, and improved motivation and mood. It does not increase heart rate or blood pressure and is not a stimulant.

TeaCrine® has a multi-pronged effect that is ideal for demanding athletes and anyone striving to attain peak performance. Based on preclinical and human clinical research, TeaCrine® facilitates a wide range of healthy functions in energy, focus, mood and motivation.

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Does Phenphedrine Really Work?

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*Results in Testimonials are atypical and individual results may vary. All results here are with a healthy diet and exercise and were remunerated.

"I have so much energy and motivation"

I have lost 80lbs in 5 months!! I researched for the best diet pill and chose Phenphedrine. I have so much energy, and motivation. I cant believe how much weight I've lost! I haven't dieted either! I no longer have cravings for bad food like I use to. And when I do eat "junk" food I don't enjoy it at all. This is the miracle pill!

- Victoria Underwood

October 2

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