The Secret To Weight Loss FINALLY Revealed!

Years of research reveals two neurohormones that may play a key role in weight loss/gain: LEPTIN AND NP-Y!


is the good guy. It tells your body to stop eating. More importantly, leptin tells your body to use fat stores for energy (i.e. burn fat).


is the bad guy. It makes you hungry. It makes you desire sweet, starchy foods. Even worse, it tells your body to store calories as fat, making weight loss much more difficult.

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Fenphedra's Advanced Weight Loss Ingredients Exposed!

Chromax® - This patented weight loss ingredient is a form of chromium picolinate with superior absorption and stable chemical structure. The use of picolinic acid to make chromium more available for the body has been suggested by several clinical trials. In a clinical research, it has been reported that those who took Chromax decreased their food intake and had lower average hunger ratings compared to the placebo condition.

Chromium picolinate can decrease insulin resistance which can lead to accelerated reduction of fat deposition and improved body composition since body fat seems to be regulated to some extent by insulin.

Body Weight
Placebo = -0.3086472 +/- 5.864296 lbs
200 microgram = -2.380992 +/- 7.539809 lbs
400 microgram = -3.08647 +/- 6.459544 lbs
200 and 400 combined = -2.777825 +/- 6.635914 lbs

Percent Body Fat
Placebo = -0.661387 +/- 4.62971 lbs
200 microgram = -3.08647 +/- 4.85017 lbs
400 microgram = -4.18878 +/- 5.73202 lbs
200 and 400 combined = -3.74786 +/- 5.51156 lbs

Fat Weight
Placebo = -0.396832 +/- 5.754065 lbs
200 microgram = -3.571489 +/- 6.459544 lbs
400 microgram = -4.563569 +/- 5.95248 lbs
200 and 400 combined = -4.166737 +/- 6.062712 lbs

Green Coffee Bean - Coffee Beans before being roasted to make coffee contain a natural compound called Chlorogenic Acid, which is destroyed in the roasting process. In clinical research, Cholorgenic acids have been explained to play an important part of dietary phenols. In a double blind clinical study, people who drank coffee that was supplemented with chlorogenic acid lost more weight than those who drank normal coffee. The double blind clinical study showed:

Weight Lost
supplemented: 11.905 +/- 1.32277 lbs
regular coffee: 3.74786 +/- 1.98416 lbs

Body Fat (%)
supplemented: 7.93664 +/- 0.661387%
regular coffee: 1.54324 +/- 0.881849%

DiCaffeine Malate - When Coca-Cola first came out it actually contained Cocaine (true fact), and when cocaine was made illegal after World War I they scrambled to find an alternative to that would stimulate the mind and body and have similar effects. The ingredient they found was caffeine. But we didn't just use any old caffeine as our alternative to cocaine. We use an ultra potent multi-dimensional ingredient that combines all natural Caffeine with Malic Acid into an ionic bonded compound optimizing energy, stimulating thermogenesis, and promoting mental focus.1,2 You haven't experienced the full effects of caffeine until you've tried DiCaffeine Malate.

Irvingia Gabonensis - This highly touted weight loss ingredient is also referred to as African Mango. This old fruit has been taken long trips by African tribal hunters to stave off hunger. It has been observed that the treatment of obesity often includes the use of dietary fibres. Irvingia gabonensis contains dietary fibres and hence Irviniga Gabonensis was tested in a double blind clinical trial where subjects were observed to see their weight loss results.

Weight lost: 6.415452 +/- 3.262841% lb after two weeks
12.3459 +/- 5.95248% lb after 4 weeks
Waist Circumference: 11.17744 +/- 7.0107% cm after 4 weeks
Hip Circumference: 7.539809 +/- 4.6738% cm after 4 weeks

Weight lost: 0 lbs after two weeks
0.220462 lbs after 4 weeks

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"I have so much energy and motivation"

I have lost 80lbs in 5 months!! I researched for the best diet pill and chose Phenphedrine. I have so much energy, and motivation. I cant believe how much weight I've lost! I haven't dieted either! I no longer have cravings for bad food like I use to. And when I do eat "junk" food I don't enjoy it at all. This is the miracle pill!

- Victoria Underwood

October 2

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